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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PARTICIPATION GUIDANCE
(Limited to 100 physiotherapists and massage therapists from B&H – in the international category, championship participants can apply from any country!)

1. Each Massage Therapist can participate in 1 or maximum 2 categories.
2. Dress Code: Participants must wear sports shoes, sports pants or yoga pants, T-shirts etc…
3. Participants are to bring their own equipment which includes sheets, towels, tools, etc..
4. The recipient of the massage must wear underwear at all times and it is the responsibility of the person giving the massage to ensure that all private areas of the recipient’s body, including female breasts, are covered at all times. Any area of the body that is not being worked on must be covered at all times during the massage treatment.
5. No cameras are allowed during the rounds and the final. Unauthorised use of cameras and recordings can result in expulsion.
6. Insurance – It is the participant's responsibility to ensure appropriate insurances are in place for all therapies that will be carried out.
7. There is an absolute zero tolerance policy concerning inappropriate behaviour. Any massage of sensual/sexual nature would result in immediate disqualification and expulsion from the Championship.
8. All participants are required to receive massage from fellow competitors during the rounds of performances. If necessary the organiser will arrange for suitable
candidates/massage recipients in particular cases.
9. No chiropractic and osteopathic manipulations are allowed during the Competition.

• Swedish massage (western massage that includes classical massage.)
• Wellness massage (hot or cold stones massage, aromatherapy, spa massage, lymphatic drainage, holistic massage, etc.)
• Freestyle massage (inspired by Western techniques) (Combination of different types of western massage methods, mobilization, cupping, massage tools, etc.)
• Therapeutic (medical massage)
• Students / Beginners (in this category, competitors can demonstrate the massage modality of their choice. The condition for participation in this category is a maximum of two years of experience as a massage – therapist.)

Participants were informed that competition judges could evaluate individual treatment and note that treatment could be placed in several categories.

The competition area is divided into 5 massage areas.
The placement of each competitor of the competition table for each participant will be chosen by lot. The duration of each round is 40 minutes.
Participants have approximately 5 minutes to consult / examine the recipient of the massage before the start of the preliminary round / final.

In the preliminary rounds, the judges will be experts in the field of massage. Judges can issue 1-3 invitations to the finals.
Judges will use the scoring system to evaluate participants in the following areas:
• Techniques
• Ergonomics
• Flow
• Innovation- development of new methods
• Contact with the client
• Feedback from the recipient of the massage

Participants cannot expect feedback and evaluation of the results by the judges either during or after the competition.
All decisions regarding the competition are made collectively in a group of judges – this will ensure that the competition is fair and correct.

The duration of the final is 50 minutes.
Spectators of the finals, who are professional massage therapists, can share one point each.
The recipients of massage (Professional and highly educated massage therapists) can give up to 6 points, depending on the massage experience they receive.
The Judges will give 3 points each to the finalist of their choice ( 3 points to 1 finalist).
The winner will be the massage therapist who gets the most points, and will be named the champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in massage in 2023.

At the Bosnia and Herzegovina Massage Championship, the focus is on techniques, ergonomics and overall performance in each category – judges are experts are exceptionally experienced judges in a particular category.
Massage flow: “Massage flow” means continuous movement without disrupting the massage and variation of techniques performed by the therapist.
Ergonomics: How therapists use the work environment and their preparations (massage tables, etc.)
Techniques: Different techniques used in each category. Innovative and effective techniques for both therapist and client.
Judges will evaluate participants in their field of expertise in close collaboration with other judges. The Recipients at the finals will be judges. They will give up to 6 points.

Lectures, preliminary rounds and finals, as well as awards will be recorded / recorded and used for future social media marketing.

By signing up to participate you automatically agree that the use of your pictures and videos taken by the BH organisation can be used indefinitely on all BH social media accounts

We follow the rules and regulations made by IMA.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]